Friday, October 22, 2010

This poem i wrote 2 years back....:)

Hey, Heavenly stars,
How lucky you are !!
Each and everyone smiles
watching you...
Yes, I like you, As
you make me smile
forgetting all my worries....

Hey, Lovely Moon,
How beautiful you are !!
Lucky you are, As
you've many stars as friends
all the day and night....
Hm! I like you too, B'coz
you are with me in
the night,when i'm alone.....

Hey, Hot Sun,
How bright you are !!
You too lucky as you've
the lotus loving only you...
Yeah, I like you as
you are the reason for the existance of Earth...

Hey Dear ones,
I want to reach that far skies..
oh God! Give me wings...
I want to fly in to the sky......