Sunday, August 7, 2011

will u be happy with rice and one-dish along with it for ur wedding or b'day party etc...????

A few months back i came to know about something called One-dish law which is in practice in our very neighbor country Pakisthan.

One-dish law is an act which prohibit the way of having many dishes like feast for special occasions or functions like wedding. According to this law during these feasts, rice and one side dish for it and if its chappathi or Rotti, again a side dish for it. One cannot go beyond it and if someone violate the law there will be fine upto 1 lakh and all.

Recently there was a news that India to study this law of Pakisthan. In a country where millions of people come under BPL and many people celebrates the special days in their life which lead to wastage of loads of food, a law of this kind is essential. What is your opinion towards this...???

When i talked to people about this, many of them accept the fact that food wastage is some thing we should consider seriously and its high time. So lets look in to this matter...

According to the surveys conducted in 2002 by the Govt. about 550.821 rural families, i.e about 3.18 lakh people, and 1.25 lakh of urban people, are BPL families in our country. That means these families strive to get their daily bread,where as a sound population here wasting the food.

Another part of this is managing these waste food. The people who are associated to these auditoriums and all where these functions happens are finding difficulty in managing these food. Usually what they do is giving it off to orphanages.But now a days some orphanages are not ready to accept help as food but asking for financial help. What else they can do than dumping it off??

Yeah..i'm putting this topic for discussion..pls do mark ur opinion and relevent information related to this may help someone to do something at sometime...:)