Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coimbatore Journals

Coimbatore, rich in culture, tradition and business, and loving crowd, is a totally apt place to live for an average Malayali And, yes, we are exploiting it to the best. i fall in love with this city at the very fist sight. that cool breeze cuddled me happily. occasional rains made our bond strong. not so surprising, yet, the good heartened Coimbatorians and their courtesy ensured a space in my mind.

Sundarapuram days:

Though a little far from city, Sundarapuram itslef had many unique features. Like the Anadhas and Ayyappan Koil, Sundarapuram grabbed my heart easily. Life at small but beautiful house at SIDCO housing colony made the perfect family. Alternate visits to Attappan koil, lovely neighbors, nearby Arun icecream and the maliggaikada of raja anna satisfied the needs of a sit at home mother and kid. 

The not so small surroundings of house made Chinmay, my kid, happy. When he started walking, it was enough for him to learn and play. The regular hi -byes to the daily employees in the industries increased his eagerness to socialise, to meet more people and go outside.

Something to be taught from Tamil Nadu is their need for development. There are hundreds of small scale industries in SIDCO and same number of houses. None of them complains about water problems or pollutions, unlike Kerala. Even Malayalees there cop up with the once in a week water distribution and still the Keralites end up in scarcity during summer. 

an interesting practice and to be taken as a model is that the ninety percent of ladies here will go for job to earn themselves. Be it household jobs or industrial works they earn their own money. Where these money has been spent, is different, but it is something that i l like.

                                                                                                                   To be continued

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The biography of an old communist

Yes, it is a kind of biography. Usually, the person characterized in the biography will have something of his own to be shared with the public.It can be his great deeds or some unique talent.It can be anything outstanding or examples of excellence. But here is a man whom I happen to meet in my life who never had anything of that excellence or achievement to claim about. Perhaps he don't have anything to claim, but he has a story to tell.

He is a man of immense courage but fate, it played a bigger role in his life. Life took him to a pathetic condition after that incident. Yet he fights bravely to go ahead.

It happened many years back in a small village.The time when the land lords played the game. Everything happened according to their will. As usual communist principles drag them to the party. Himself and a bunch of friends worked against those greedy basters. Yes, they say themselves the uppercaste but in every corner of their mind they carry the 'Asura', the monster.

That night some one cut off the trees in the particular plot of a great landlord of that small village. The old landlord familly reigns the village as their ayurvedic factory gave job for the youth in the village. No one ever dear to talk against them. Sometimes i feel like the system still flows in the minds of some idiots. They still think that the so called people are actually their boss.

So the boss ordered the then police to take the bunch of communists who cut off the trees and treat them as needed.Of course the police treat them as severe as they can. But the courageous person whom i was telling about, was actually an innocent in this case. Two friends in the gang were freed because of their influence over the communist party. The hero of the story and another friend of him remained the station recieving whatever the 'Police eman'gave them. Though the next day, they were released what he had to face at home after that was utter negligence. The family had to avoid him following the strict orders of landlord that he will dismiss his father from factory and make his family starve.

The brave communist started to depend on liquor. Everyday he made his visit to that shop and the situation become so bad that the father of three daughter had to sent him out of town. He fled to Bombay the dream city.

-To be continued

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The not so fair fare of Autorikshaws...

When I first came to Chennai for my admission procedures and all with my Dad, I happened to realize that autorikshaw drivers in this metro city takes advantages of the people who don't know the language and place. I came to Chennai from Kerala in a bus and I got down in Koyambedu.

Usually in Kerala the autorikshaw drivers doesn't ask for much considering other states. With that experience, we got into a autorikshaw and he asked us Rs.200 from Koyambedu to Chetpet. somehow we managed to reduce it to Rs.150.

And in my continued stay in Chennai, I came to know that most of the people who comes here with out knowing the language and place properly, experience the same.

This story doesn't end here.

Again the autowalas in Chennai are charge the travellers according to their will. If they think that its difficult to reach a particular place because of traffic they charge more. I don't understand why on this earth our government not taking action against this 'kolaveri.'

A study reveals that it was in July 2007 the last auto fare revision came. According to that its Rs.14 for the first km and Rs.6 per km  thereafter. But always the amount they asks for is very higher. The study also says why the auto drivers in Chennai ask for that much higher amount.

Autorikshaw drivers in Chennai run for 100km maximum for hire and the amount they gets from this is not at all enough for their living as most of them have a five member family with two or three kids. In addition to all these the auto drivers also have to do the maintenance when ever needed.

so its time for a renewed fare for the autorikshaws in Chennai and it should be convenient for the public and the autodrivers.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My train journey

I am doing my degree in Chennai and used to go home once in a month. Most of the time we used to have unexpected holidays. Not only that our college doesn't consider the condition of students from other states when they declare holidays. They usually confirm it very late. Because of that most of my journeys used to be with out reservation and i used to travel in Ladies compartment.

So Ladies Compartment in our Indian Railway is a  big tragedy. The bogie they usually put for Ladies compartment is always very small that only 30 people can sit and others have to stand. Sometimes I had my worst experience that i stood till Salem from Chennai that is four and a half hour journey. Incidents occurred  where pregnant ladies sitting down the seats as everyone occupied the seats.

Beside all these there people in the ladies compartment who don't take any tickets and use the train. These people bring Jasmine or 'Mallipoo' from Coimbatore to Palakkad or Thrissur. Most of these people doesn't have proper tickets to travel. And with big 'Kooda' or basket full of flower they comes and they need hell lot of space to keep all these. And the fights stars there among travelers because of these people.

Another important and very serious issue is the Ladies compartment in our trains lacks proper security. sometimes it even lacks a chain to pull in case of emergencies. If something happens when the train is running who will help those travelers?

Because of lacking proper securities rape and all happened last year in Kerala. With all the knowledge that there is a risk in all these the railway authorities never took any step to avoid the dangers.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adopt an Animal Scheme

Arignar Anna zoological Park or Vandaloor Zoo as the Chennaites call it, started the Animal Adoption scheme in September 2008. Till 2010 there were only 20 sponsors of which some of them were individuals others some companies. Because of this lack of responds from the public for this scheme the Zoo Authorities promoted the scheme by celebrities adopting the animals.

As a part of this campaign many film stars like Karthik, and other imminent personalities in different fields adopted the animals in the Arignar anna Zoological Park. Now where that scheme gone?Did everyone forgot about it?

Animal adoption scheme is something which is very useful for the working of large Zoos. Through this individuals or organizations can donate an amount that has been fixed by the Zoo for a certain period.
The Mysore zoo is promoting this scheme in a wide range. They have started an online facility to adopt animals the Zoo. But the pathetic condition here in Chennai is the oldest zoo doesn’t even have a website. It’s still under construction.

According to some records the park has received an amount of Rs.2.3 million from individuals and organizations till March 2011.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the largest Zoological garden in India.It is located in Vandaloor,southern part of Chennai.

where did all the drainages go during rainy season?

According to the website of Corporation of Chennai:
In accordance with the Statutory rule, the Storm Water and Drain Department of Corporation of Chennai Constructs and maintains a network of Storm Water Drains and Canals. Corporation of Chennai developed and maintains a Storm Water Drain network of 986 km in the city. Corporation of Chennai, also maintains 16 canals of 28.64 km length criss crossing across the city. Rain Water runoff gets drained through Storm Water Drain network & canals and reaches the Sea Via four Waterways-Otteri Nullah, Buckingham Canal, Adyar River and Cooum River-running across the city.
Even though there are so many Government efforts to solve the issue of water stagnation and flood in the city, the monsoon is always a hell for Chennaites. In my three years in Chennai I had to go half wet because of the water stagnation in the roads especially in front of my college and in Sterling Road street.
There is no drainage canal in the sterling Road street where I live which is full of water even with a fewer rain. And no one consider this matter even though this area is considered to be a posche one. Not only inside the city the outskirts also experience same. The Anna Nagar street and all will be like a swimming pool during the rainy season. Anna Nagar is one of the main residential areas of the city. Still it lacks proper maintenance.

To know more about drainage system in chennai, visit:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scholarships for College Students

It was from my cousin of my age I get to know about the Central Sector scholarship that has been awarded to Students who completed 12th standard with more that 80% marks.
There are so many students in my class who didn't know about this.
It is actually the duty of the schools where we finished +2 to inform the students about such scholarships. This particular scholarship which we be awarded for the graduation studies is available for the three years. It's a sum of Rs.1000 per month which be given as Rs.10,000 together.
The procedures for this scholarship is little bit complicated as you need many documents related and to continue this scholarship for the three years of UG the student has to score minimum 60% in all the semesters.
Another important matter is that this scholarship is available for PG studies too with a higher amount per month. But of course there is a restriction over the salary of the family which should be below Rs.2Lakh per annum.
I just shared my experience so that you will also can make use of these kinds of scholarship.Even though most of the scholarships are for the SC and ST classes,this particular doesn't have that restrictions.The Central Government and the state governments are awarding lot of scholarships for the needed. Most of us are unaware of this.

For further details you can look in to the Directorate of College Education website of respective states. In Tamil Nadu this is the website link: