Thursday, March 15, 2012

The not so fair fare of Autorikshaws...

When I first came to Chennai for my admission procedures and all with my Dad, I happened to realize that autorikshaw drivers in this metro city takes advantages of the people who don't know the language and place. I came to Chennai from Kerala in a bus and I got down in Koyambedu.

Usually in Kerala the autorikshaw drivers doesn't ask for much considering other states. With that experience, we got into a autorikshaw and he asked us Rs.200 from Koyambedu to Chetpet. somehow we managed to reduce it to Rs.150.

And in my continued stay in Chennai, I came to know that most of the people who comes here with out knowing the language and place properly, experience the same.

This story doesn't end here.

Again the autowalas in Chennai are charge the travellers according to their will. If they think that its difficult to reach a particular place because of traffic they charge more. I don't understand why on this earth our government not taking action against this 'kolaveri.'

A study reveals that it was in July 2007 the last auto fare revision came. According to that its Rs.14 for the first km and Rs.6 per km  thereafter. But always the amount they asks for is very higher. The study also says why the auto drivers in Chennai ask for that much higher amount.

Autorikshaw drivers in Chennai run for 100km maximum for hire and the amount they gets from this is not at all enough for their living as most of them have a five member family with two or three kids. In addition to all these the auto drivers also have to do the maintenance when ever needed.

so its time for a renewed fare for the autorikshaws in Chennai and it should be convenient for the public and the autodrivers.

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