Sunday, November 16, 2008


life,its god's gift,isn't it?but most of us consider as a curse.why?their experiances make them to think like that.but if we accept each and everything in a positive manner we can make our life most enjoyable.shakespeare said that'life is a tale told by an idiot full of furies and signifying nothing'.if life is a story then it must end happily,as king khan said in Om Shanti Om.what you think?life will be happy if we enjoy enjoy our gift god gave us many friends,good parents,relatives,many other beings this continues god's this world using all these we can create our own world.we are the king of our world.but don't be a Hitler & don't try to destroy your own world.

to be a good king of our world,we have to achieve a willpower to face our problems &to solve it cleanly.also,for that we have to be truth in our Abhraham lincoln said,we must filter what we heard from others in the heart & realise the right & faults.and,if we create our own world we must remember that there is no world with out ur frnds,parents and everyone who helped you.another point is that we mustnot compete to others.becoz,competion is not good.parents sometimes tell their children that 'you must score higher than ur frnd'or like that,but in my opinion,the parents have to say that children must not compete but have to score the maximum mark they can,its according to their potential,not more than the the childhood,parents taught like that,then when we become grown,we continue the same,&compete with others,and atlast,at the end what gained in the life????

what is the need of all these?so avoid this life on earth if you want to gain anything,you have to loss anything,becoz,this earth is totally based on conservation rule like the conservation of energy.'in this world nothing is impossible'you may heard this,but for that there is some conditions.if we take the case of holding the sweet Moon in ur hand,can you hold it?no,practically.but we heard that nothing is impossible,then why can't we do that.yessss we can,go to any pond at night.there you can see the Moon in the water.take the water and you can see the beautiful Moon in ur hand.only thing is you have to satisfy with that..then it is true that nothing is impossible,but have to be satisfied with what we gain &must be ready to give as a saying that

If you have much,give of ur Wealth

If you have nothing give of ur Heart....

so frnds,remeber that.....

life is like an icecream,enjoy its taste before it melts....................

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