Monday, January 25, 2010


Yes, life its full of memmories.In this journey of life only thing that will be with us till the last breath will be the memmories..

Looking back,cherishing my memmories,i realise that school life is an unforgettable one.Each moment in my chennai life,i'm missing my school life.Yes,its true that chennai life its very enjoyable and something new for me.But still,missing is always missing...

Small funny games with friends,chit-chat with teachers,going late from school,sharing every single thing that we get with the whole class,school excursion,christmas onam and ramsan celebrations,revealing the name of christmas friend and exchanging gifts..everything was fun that time...

But now,life have changed.Hostel life is good in one aspect and very horrible if we talk about food and curfew..still,new experiances adds freshness and challanges to,keep moving on with the journey of life..Njoying each moment of writing assignments and also texting frndsssss.....!!!

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