Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The biography of an old communist

Yes, it is a kind of biography. Usually, the person characterized in the biography will have something of his own to be shared with the public.It can be his great deeds or some unique talent.It can be anything outstanding or examples of excellence. But here is a man whom I happen to meet in my life who never had anything of that excellence or achievement to claim about. Perhaps he don't have anything to claim, but he has a story to tell.

He is a man of immense courage but fate, it played a bigger role in his life. Life took him to a pathetic condition after that incident. Yet he fights bravely to go ahead.

It happened many years back in a small village.The time when the land lords played the game. Everything happened according to their will. As usual communist principles drag them to the party. Himself and a bunch of friends worked against those greedy basters. Yes, they say themselves the uppercaste but in every corner of their mind they carry the 'Asura', the monster.

That night some one cut off the trees in the particular plot of a great landlord of that small village. The old landlord familly reigns the village as their ayurvedic factory gave job for the youth in the village. No one ever dear to talk against them. Sometimes i feel like the system still flows in the minds of some idiots. They still think that the so called people are actually their boss.

So the boss ordered the then police to take the bunch of communists who cut off the trees and treat them as needed.Of course the police treat them as severe as they can. But the courageous person whom i was telling about, was actually an innocent in this case. Two friends in the gang were freed because of their influence over the communist party. The hero of the story and another friend of him remained the station recieving whatever the 'Police eman'gave them. Though the next day, they were released what he had to face at home after that was utter negligence. The family had to avoid him following the strict orders of landlord that he will dismiss his father from factory and make his family starve.

The brave communist started to depend on liquor. Everyday he made his visit to that shop and the situation become so bad that the father of three daughter had to sent him out of town. He fled to Bombay the dream city.

-To be continued

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