Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coimbatore Journals

Coimbatore, rich in culture, tradition and business, and loving crowd, is a totally apt place to live for an average Malayali And, yes, we are exploiting it to the best. i fall in love with this city at the very fist sight. that cool breeze cuddled me happily. occasional rains made our bond strong. not so surprising, yet, the good heartened Coimbatorians and their courtesy ensured a space in my mind.

Sundarapuram days:

Though a little far from city, Sundarapuram itslef had many unique features. Like the Anadhas and Ayyappan Koil, Sundarapuram grabbed my heart easily. Life at small but beautiful house at SIDCO housing colony made the perfect family. Alternate visits to Attappan koil, lovely neighbors, nearby Arun icecream and the maliggaikada of raja anna satisfied the needs of a sit at home mother and kid. 

The not so small surroundings of house made Chinmay, my kid, happy. When he started walking, it was enough for him to learn and play. The regular hi -byes to the daily employees in the industries increased his eagerness to socialise, to meet more people and go outside.

Something to be taught from Tamil Nadu is their need for development. There are hundreds of small scale industries in SIDCO and same number of houses. None of them complains about water problems or pollutions, unlike Kerala. Even Malayalees there cop up with the once in a week water distribution and still the Keralites end up in scarcity during summer. 

an interesting practice and to be taken as a model is that the ninety percent of ladies here will go for job to earn themselves. Be it household jobs or industrial works they earn their own money. Where these money has been spent, is different, but it is something that i l like.

                                                                                                                   To be continued

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