Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adopt an Animal Scheme

Arignar Anna zoological Park or Vandaloor Zoo as the Chennaites call it, started the Animal Adoption scheme in September 2008. Till 2010 there were only 20 sponsors of which some of them were individuals others some companies. Because of this lack of responds from the public for this scheme the Zoo Authorities promoted the scheme by celebrities adopting the animals.

As a part of this campaign many film stars like Karthik, and other imminent personalities in different fields adopted the animals in the Arignar anna Zoological Park. Now where that scheme gone?Did everyone forgot about it?

Animal adoption scheme is something which is very useful for the working of large Zoos. Through this individuals or organizations can donate an amount that has been fixed by the Zoo for a certain period.
The Mysore zoo is promoting this scheme in a wide range. They have started an online facility to adopt animals the Zoo. But the pathetic condition here in Chennai is the oldest zoo doesn’t even have a website. It’s still under construction.

According to some records the park has received an amount of Rs.2.3 million from individuals and organizations till March 2011.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the largest Zoological garden in India.It is located in Vandaloor,southern part of Chennai.

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