Sunday, March 11, 2012

where did all the drainages go during rainy season?

According to the website of Corporation of Chennai:
In accordance with the Statutory rule, the Storm Water and Drain Department of Corporation of Chennai Constructs and maintains a network of Storm Water Drains and Canals. Corporation of Chennai developed and maintains a Storm Water Drain network of 986 km in the city. Corporation of Chennai, also maintains 16 canals of 28.64 km length criss crossing across the city. Rain Water runoff gets drained through Storm Water Drain network & canals and reaches the Sea Via four Waterways-Otteri Nullah, Buckingham Canal, Adyar River and Cooum River-running across the city.
Even though there are so many Government efforts to solve the issue of water stagnation and flood in the city, the monsoon is always a hell for Chennaites. In my three years in Chennai I had to go half wet because of the water stagnation in the roads especially in front of my college and in Sterling Road street.
There is no drainage canal in the sterling Road street where I live which is full of water even with a fewer rain. And no one consider this matter even though this area is considered to be a posche one. Not only inside the city the outskirts also experience same. The Anna Nagar street and all will be like a swimming pool during the rainy season. Anna Nagar is one of the main residential areas of the city. Still it lacks proper maintenance.

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