Monday, March 12, 2012

My train journey

I am doing my degree in Chennai and used to go home once in a month. Most of the time we used to have unexpected holidays. Not only that our college doesn't consider the condition of students from other states when they declare holidays. They usually confirm it very late. Because of that most of my journeys used to be with out reservation and i used to travel in Ladies compartment.

So Ladies Compartment in our Indian Railway is a  big tragedy. The bogie they usually put for Ladies compartment is always very small that only 30 people can sit and others have to stand. Sometimes I had my worst experience that i stood till Salem from Chennai that is four and a half hour journey. Incidents occurred  where pregnant ladies sitting down the seats as everyone occupied the seats.

Beside all these there people in the ladies compartment who don't take any tickets and use the train. These people bring Jasmine or 'Mallipoo' from Coimbatore to Palakkad or Thrissur. Most of these people doesn't have proper tickets to travel. And with big 'Kooda' or basket full of flower they comes and they need hell lot of space to keep all these. And the fights stars there among travelers because of these people.

Another important and very serious issue is the Ladies compartment in our trains lacks proper security. sometimes it even lacks a chain to pull in case of emergencies. If something happens when the train is running who will help those travelers?

Because of lacking proper securities rape and all happened last year in Kerala. With all the knowledge that there is a risk in all these the railway authorities never took any step to avoid the dangers.

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